multicolored dress blue spirals circle cape purple and black shawl wrap

Sharon London

SCLM Creative
Booth 12
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

Our process starts by hand drawing and painting designs and creating textiles that will become a work of wearable fiber art. Our current work references the brush stroke as well as our interest in early twentieth century Japanese fiber esthetics and a fine artist's eye for the lines and movement of the female form. We steam treat, wash, shape, knit and sew all of our textiles to make easy to wear timeless fashion. The high intrinsic qualities of our materials are essential and we have spent years sourcing the finest fiber that allows us to create pieces that not only have a great hand but are machine washable.With a commitment to sustainability we use organic Egyptian cotton yarn, Italian Viscose yarn, made from trees, and recycled fiber that minimizes our carbon footprint. Our intention is to create unique and timeless wearable art with a great hand and historical references for a contemporary 21st Century expression of personal fashion.

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