Knee-length felt grey cocktail dress Geometric shawl with orange and black accents jacket with large cuffs and collar Rose spiral shawl sage shawl

Sarah Tremaine

Booth 54
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

Sarah Tremaine is a textile artist creating wearable art. Her work seeks to transform our relationship with what we wear by designing and hand-making non-toxic, sustainably made wearable art, using local and organically grown materials, when possible.  She applies the techniques of nuno felting and natural dyeing to create one-of-a-kind seamless, reversible felted garments.  She designs and hand makes garments by wet felting the finest merino roving and other natural fibers into silk fabric to create versatile tops, tunics, dresses and skirts, that are strong, lightweight and soft. She uses natural dyes for her materials; the colors are rich, complex, long lasting and inherently harmonious. She designs and creates garment styles that are simple so that the handmade textiles and surface designs are the focus of the art pieces.  All of her work is grounded in her science background, inspired by the ever-changing beauty of nature and a fortified by a passion for sustainability.