woven brown jacket with zigzag pattern woven brown shawl with wide stripe pattern woven shawl with wide stripe pattern woven purple jacket woven jacket

Rebecca Noble

Noble Designs
Booth 44
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

There is a special magic to be found in handweaving one's own highly-textured cloth.  I am always pushing the limits of what can be done with my handwoven fabrics.  Using multiple surface-design techniques sets my work apart from other hand-weavers.  They accentuate the beauty of the weave structures: discharging to expose hidden colors and textures; over-dyeing to impart an added depth and dimension, painting to add an extra layer of interest. Every garment is made one at a time, by my husband and myself in our studio, using no outside help.   My newest foray into surface design has given me a heightened sense of creativity which I share with the women who wear my garments.

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