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Nina Zabal

Booth 67
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

My fine art and graphic design background inform my work, and jewelry is a tridimensional expression of my personal aesthetic and love for color, shape and print and in polymer clay I have found the perfect medium to explore this concepts.

I work on weekly collections and series, usually of 10-20 pieces, that are my response to fashion, interior design, art or illustration. The format of a "collection" allows me to explore different formats -shapes, colors, prints- and turn them into an intimate catalogue of possibilities out of a particular piece of inspiration. The weekly format is an exercise for both my creative process and my manual skill. I believe that only by constantly creating will ideas flourish and be refined as my hand refines and perfects my craft and the detail of my jewelry week to week. This allows me to know polymer clay and its possibilities more and more with each new collection.