Blue tie dye dress Red tie dye maxi dress black top and leggings with blue tie dye details Blue tie dye shirt and black pants Model sitting on stool with green tie dye shirt and grey pants

Moon Tide Dyers

Abbie Chambers and Maura Cronin
Booth 15
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

Simple, Sensible, Soulful are the three principles we are striving for at Moontide.  Simple because our garments will make you feel at home even when you travel.  They do not easily wrinkle, they are machine washable, and they have easibility in movement.  Sensible, because we choose to create classic shaped garments rather than passing trends. The results are timeless and season-less pieces which allows for less waste over time. Additionally, by sourcing high quality and locally produced fabric and dyes, we add to the longevity of our garments.  Soulful, because we love what we do and we are intimately part of the making process.  Because we design, cut and sew, and dye each individual piece we can invite the customer to be part of the design process and identify more intimately with their piece, offering fashion with emotional significance.

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