Blue tie dye dress Red tie dye maxi dress black top and leggings with blue tie dye details Blue tie dye shirt and black pants Model sitting on stool with green tie dye shirt and grey pants

Maura Cronin and Abbie Chambers

Mood Tide Dyers
Abbie Chambers
Booth 24
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

Moon Tide is a collaboration between two artists who met in art school. Both having a strong conviction to bring art to the public in a very pragmatic way, they took their love of textiles and color to a form that can be worn.   

Their garments are simple yet elegant and sophisticated. They will become your "go to" shirt, one you will choose to exercise in, to wear to brunch, the workplace, or a night out on the town.  They choose to create classic shapes rather than follow passing trends.  This choice lends itself to less waste over time. 

By telling the story behind a garment or inviting the customer to be part of the design process, they offer fashion with emotional significance.
Moon Tide has soul.  

All designs are originally development by the two artists, as well as, the small batch runs are cut, sewn and dyed, employing a special resist technique by the artists. Small batch dyeing is done in their studio in groups of 6-8.  No two garments will ever truly be the same.