multicolored, pieced silk duster voluminous silk dupioni shaped dress colorful accordion neck wrap

Mary Jaeger

Booth 303
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

UNFOLDING PROJECT multi-dimensional silk wearables are created by reconfiguring post-production silk textile remnants. The work focuses on intricate layers of textiles, inspired by the relationships between textures, proportions, patterns, colors and shapes that start flat, then wrap a three-dimensional form. Combining multiple methods of dyeing, stitching, piecing, pleating, quilting, shrinking and deconstructing, the fabrics are carefully made into garments/accessories using couture sewing techniques. My clothes are soft sculptures for the body, worn and styled in multiple ways.
Imbedded alongside one pleat in each piece is a Word of Hope: love, compassion, peace, happiness, empathy, courage. These messages give deeper meaning to the hand-work, thought-process, care and time invested making this collection in our era of mass markets, frenetic consumption and dismissive waste. Embracing their essence, communicates individuals can positively influence lives through innovative actions.