moody pinstripe tunic and leggings rib stretch tailored suit printed sweatshirt pom jacket scribble print swing sweatshirt

Lobo Mau and Nicole Haddad

Lobo Mau
Booth 66
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

Lobo Mau (est 2008) is a sister/brother sibling-owned clothing line that provides its customers an alternative to fast fashion, one of the most polluting and ethically-controversial industries in the world. Our line delivers SLOW fashion: we take time to properly source sustainable fabrics, pay fair wages, work with U.S. knitting mills to design fabrics, while designing our own prints and hand-silk-screening our fabrics in-house using organic inks. In addition to handcrafting our wearable art, we create all stock in Philadelphia, and we are an accredited Zero Waste company. As a designer, I strive to make unique, limited-edition pieces for my customers. Working mainly with cotton sweatshirt and jersey fabrics for extreme comfort and wearability, we create original artwork to transform these everyday textiles into something special.  What our customers appreciate the most about our clothing is amazing fit, unique style, durable and comfortable fabrics, and all machine washable.