Layers of mica shellacked together, 23K gold leaf, Australian boulder opal Amber mica with 23K gold leaf, black pearls, gold ear wires. Natural color Keshi pearls on articulated vermeil handmade findings, with garnet cabachons. Japanese heat patina on copper, 23K gold leaf, oxidized sterling square wire loop suspends the copper shape and allows movement 25mm across, anodized niobium, textured sterling and Vermeil

Keith Lewis

Keith Lewis Studio
Booth 28
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

My goal is to enjoy what I do, and let my curiosity inspire my designs. I combine natural materials including mica, lava and anthracite with pearls, gems and rough opal. I use them to create work which refers to natural forms, such as vines or seed pods. These diverse materials require a combination of goldsmithing techniques and non-traditional engineering for me to turn them into a piece of finished jewelry. Much of what I feel is best in my work comes  from appreciating nature, maybe because we all share its inspiration.