A row of brightly colors twig brooches amber mica with 23K gold leaf earrings woman with bright purple hair wearing matching rectangular earrings

Keith Lewis

Keith Lewis Studio
New Paltz,
Booth 111
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

In my work I celebrate the materials, textures and surprises found in Nature. I am currently using amber Mica which I layer with 23K goldleaf and carving volcanic stone and Anthracite which I inset with natural pearls and precious stones. I contrast this formal construction with serendipitous surface treatment such as my version of a very old Japanese patina; I heat copper to bright red, expose it to wood particles, and then plunge it into boiling water which creates an organic and unpredictable "Raku" effect. For vivid color I create a clear oxide on Niobium which develops into interference colors, as in a soap bubble or Blue Jay feather. These diverse materials require a combination of goldsmithing techniques and necessity-is-the-Mother-of-invention engineering for me to turn them into a piece of finished jewelry. I strive to capture the beauty found when working with natural materials.