Black acrylic looped necklace Red acrylic looped bracelet Black acrylic looped necklace Sterling silver cable necklace Sterling silver cable earrings

Katrin Zimmerman

Ex Ovo
New York
Booth 47
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

With Lucent, my new line of acrylic jewelry, I have expanded my design practice within the field of art jewelry.  The sculptural quality of acrylic makes it an exciting and immediate material to work with, and its material properties allow my designs to be more process-based.  The sheer abundance of colors give me, a traditionally very monochromatic designer, a jolt of energy and joie de vivre.  This breakout into color, which is very new to my design repertoire, does not diminish the clean simplicity of the finished piece, but rather enhances it. 

2017 2018