silk top with flair silk crop top red silk top Paper yarn shawl

Kaoru Izushi

Kaoru Izushi Knit Design
Booth 13
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

I have heard that knitted piece is alive - it grows and contracts. But as I practice my art, I have also come to realize that each loop has life, like a cell, and when I knit I am combining these cells to create a whole organism. Because of this, the spirit pf each piece depends on how I feel. A piece is happy or calm based on my mood and my condition as I think the cells of this knitted life. In the same way, I feel the spirit of the piece will be transferred to the person who wears it. I believe that happy sweaters will bring happiness to the soul inside. I use a hand-loomed knitting machine and knit with natural fibers mainly 100% cotton, sometimes wool,bamboo or paper.