green and black jacket This spring green contemporary textured silk jacket is hand dyed with shibori Itajime techniques Itajime Shibori dyed silk organza top. Full cut shows body silhouette while organza creates sculptural shadows.  Yellow silk dyed contemporary jacket. Discharge dyed Arashi Shibori chiffon, open sided architectural tunic. Diaphanous chiffon.

Jane Herzenberg

Herzenberg Designs
Booth 60
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

Many years ago while traveling on a bus in Afghanistan, decorated with tapestries, tassels and bangles all of which were swaying back and forth, we proceeded to climb the narrow dusty road through the Khyber Pass, I was inspired to begin my explorations of the world of textiles and color.My subsequent travels and studies have enhanced my vision and love of fiber, specifically how the flow of cloth tells the story of its origins and surrounds the body with beauty and meaning.My detailed drawings of the wrappings woven around Egyptian mummified cats have also led me to this place.I use hand painting with Shibori dyeing, Rozome and hand felting techniques on textured silks and wools to create contemporary fashions.Shibori techniques, Itajime, Arashi and To-Kumo create textured fields of graphic colors that can only be achieved by hand.Of importance are dynamic designs, emotionally charged colors, comfort and silhouettes that flatter a woman's body. My fiber explorations are ever evolving.