brown handbag with embossed dots and lines purple embossed leather handbag bronze crocodile leather case

Gayle Roche

Booth 51
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

My work is the result of more than 25 years of designing and making leather bags and selling them at fine art/craft fairs. With leather work everything begins with the choice of materials. My primary outside leather is a vat dyed vegetable tanned cowhide that's colored and embossed to my specifications. This leather is quite unique since the colors are custom and I own the embossing plates used to create the  textures.  My construction technique is also different. The front and back panels of each bag are laminated panels of colored and textured leathers with complementary pipings. Each piece of textured leather is cut and then positioned so that it will fit the shape of the bag and the surrounding leathers. The bag is then bound with plonge' leather using the stitch-in-ditch technique and then hand trimmed. Each piece is signed and dated.

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