Coquina Medallion Necklace made of Sterling silver, Coquina shells Gathering of Five pins made of Oxidized sterling, enamel, feathers Golden Double Cascade Necklace made of 18k gold, sterling, tourmalines, pearls, coral, labradorite, glass, feathers

Gabrielle Gould

St Augustine
Booth 4
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

A self described modern hunter-gatherer, my choice of materials is often an easily overlooked wonder - a miniature mollusk shell, semi-precious mineral in its raw form, fallen feathers. Using fine gold, sterling silver and silk thread, I weave these elements together into narrative pieces that each tell their own unique story.
I am honored to be featured in the upcoming PBS television series, Craft In America, jewelry episode. As stated on their website, ..."The subjects that Gabrielle uses in her jewelry, various animals and nature forms, are informed by her daily experience of living in coastal Florida. They represent a figurative view of the way she sees nature in its environment."