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Eva Calonder

Printed Wild
Booth M2
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

With a pen and ink in hand, French American artist Eva Calonder pulls inspiration from the beauty and energy of nature, which she translates into carefully crafted accessories and modern essentials.

Eva grew up in the south of France, where she studied illustration in university. It was there that she discovered her love for drawing with her distinctive fine black pen. It was her move to Washington, DC, that inspired her to create a business out of the artistry she loved.

In 2012, Printed Wild was born. The name embodies the freedom of creativity when drawing nature and the connection Eva feels with the earth and the environment.

The production process and materials are carefully chosen to lessen as much negative impact to the environment as possible. At Printed Wild, we thrive on crafting goods in the best way possible –-essentials that last a lifetime. Every piece contains an original pattern created by handmade techniques: pen and ink drawings, hand-carved linoleum blocks, and hand-cut stencils.