Cord with copper pendant Two copper earrings Two copper earrings Two pointed copper earrings Two copper rectangular earrings with symmetrical cutouts

Earl Jones

Booth 12
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

My design sense is rooted in sculpture; however, in recent years, I've turned this gaze to elemental jewelry pieces crafted in copper then painted with fire. The pieces are simplistic, minimalistic, and stunning. They speak of shapes, colors, light, movement, and energy. It speaks to you "It's either for you or it isn't." I find inspiration everywhere in architecture, ceramic tiles, textiles, nature, earthly elements, and the life and people I come into contact with daily. Often, I take inspiration directly from the metal itself. I see a bit of copper that defines itself. Some shapes call for a cutout and a whole new piece comes to life. The interplay between positive and negative space is especially playful in the work. The unplanned aspect of the process allows for new inspirations, people, joy, beauty and bringing an uncommon touch to each piece. As an artist, I am always open, stretching myself, being responsive to input, keeping my work fresh and relevant.