Hand painted robin necklace Hand painted deer brooch Hand painted landscape brooch Hand painted bee earrings Hand painted eye necklace

Christina Goodman

Abita Springs
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

Each of these wearable miniatures is hand painted using fine brushes and a magnifier.  They are made of wood or cast resin, then gilded with 22k gold leaf. The paintings are done in acrylics using multiple layers and glazing, to achieve the depth of the Renaissance paintings that inspire me.

I am drawn to the minute and frequently overlooked elements in the natural world, often placing them as the focal point in my jewelry. Where one would traditionally see a  precious gem, I paint plants, trees, insects, animals, birds. I try to capture the luminosity of of the Old Masters, while paying homage to the natural world around me.

2008 2016 2017