A dramatic, full length wool and mohair blend duster vest, with two pairs of hook and eyes at waist and fringe at hem. Knit racer back tank A cozy cocoon cardi with made with 75% geelong merino and 25% angora yarn. Chunky merino scarf Poncho is cropped, and has a beautiful cable detail at the center

Charlotte Hess

Isobel and Cleo
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

Isobel & Cleo was born in Glasgow, Scotland from of a fervent desire to sustain traditional handknitting and hand manipulated machine knitting techniques through producing beautiful knitwear. Now based in a historical building on Nantucket Island, I create the entire collection by hand and use organic and sustainable yarns whenever possible. The longer I work in a textile context the more I am impressed by its unique power to communicate more than a wearer's identity. I engage in art making where my hands become both the consumer and the decision maker and play an important role in what I create. I want to incite an overwhelming desire to touch, examine, and interact with my work long before one even identifies it as attire. I am attracted to the idea of texture and utility and the physicality of molding traditional and non-traditional materials into fabric. This exploration has informed my current projects, altering my previous ideas of dress into studies that travel beyond design.