Necklace made of cluster of beach stones cuff bracelet made of cluster of beach stones brooch made of cluster of beach stones

Blair LaBella

Booth 32
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

The relationship of color, texture, pattern and shape of natural beach stones initiates my inspiration. I work within the original finish and shapes of the stones that I collect, altering them minimally. By integrating my minds eye with a selection of unique stones, the pieces I construct impart a complex simplicity through the grouping of stones and the clean lines of my metalsmithing.  Each finished piece is intended to personally resonate with others and be inviting to touch.
The Clustered Series of work is all one of a kind. Each bezel is made of either fine silver or gold, backed in sterling then laid out in clustered groupings: either two or three-dimensional designs. Solder connecting the bezels in as inconspicuous a manner as possible creates a interesting visual, simplicity within it's complexity. The layout of stones and their visual interaction with one another is as equally important to me as the meticulous fabrication that goes into the design & construction of each piece.