Felted shawl Felted shawl felted jacket

Barbara Brecher

I Felt Fine Design
Booth 57
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

I use everyday fibers such as wool and silk to create a unique light-as-air material which in turn I make into wearable art.

Each piece begins with a base of silk. I arrange different types of fibers on the base and cover them with fine merino wool. As the wool felts, it travels through the silk fibers and base and holds everything together. I over-dye or paint the material with fiber reactive or acid dyes.

Most of my pieces measure at least six by eight feet.  Art Felt paper allows me to work at this scale. It's a simple technology that has enabled me to continue felting as I can't physically "roll" large pieces of felt. The paper is placed underneath the silk base. With a special needle I poke through the material and paper to hold the fibers in place. The piece is wet, rolled in plastic, and placed in a commercial dryer to begin the felting process. I unroll the material, hand felt it and place it in boiling water to dissolve the
eco-friendly potato-starch base paper