This simple clutch features a waxed canvas interior pocket and a leather exterior pocket. A variation of my Sunset Satchel. This one is just a shorter, slightly wider version. A German Wool felt and leather messenger bag with a comfortable nylon adjustable strap Part briefcase, part all-purpose bag. Inside, it features a laptop sleeve and waxed canvas pockets. Removable strap. Inspired by Japanese book bags, this urban backpack can carry all of your essentials

Audrey Jung

Audrey Modern
San Francisco
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

Form, function, and simplicity.

I believe size, shape and proportion all matter. Everyday objects should be intuitive and easy to use. Details, workmanship and quality materials are essential. These well designed and well made objects can add beauty and pleasure to our lives.

The AudreyModern collection is guided by these beliefs and every piece aims to embody these qualities. 

I am a native San Franciscan and am passionate about anything handmade. Some of my favorite things include: biking around my home city and walking my corgi in Golden Gate Park.