child wearing green reptile hat child wearing pink and purple knit hat child wearing a mauve hat with flowers Daisy Pullover with Patchwork Linen Skirt, Sailor Shirt, Linen Pocket Pants with Pom Pom Tiara Isadora Chartreuse Coat

Anastassia Gonye

Tuff Kookooshka
Brian Gonye
Booth 41
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

In designing my line I try to capture the inquisitive, fun, playful, whimsical nature of childhood. I love to combine different textures, colors, shapes and notions like hand braided pigtails and hand cut flowers. I use locally made fabric, luxury wool, and faux fur. My garments are fully lined and functional, guaranteed to keep the wearer warm and cozy.

2017 2018