Woven scarf Woven scarf Woven scarf

Amy Smith

Blue Feet Studio
Booth 204
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

I design and weave fine wearables.
My colors are inspired by where I live: the shifting tides and twilights of midcoast Maine. I study the flow of light and devise color gradations to capture it. Do I succeed entirely? Of course not. And that’s all right. It’s a scarf; it’s not an ocean wave. I weave with skill, joy, and an open heart.
My 8-shaft floor looms are uncomputerized: operated by hand, foot, and often song. When the electricity fails in my island studio, I pull the loom towards the window’s light or the woodstove’s warmth.
My material is Tencel: yarn spun from eucalyptus wood pulp in a closed-loop (low environmental impact) process. Lustrous, sturdy, and biodegradable, Tencel is lightweight for wear in the heat yet soft for snuggling in the cold.
My handwoven scarves and wraps are worn by You: of any age or gender, to engage your own eye and catch someone else’s, for a dramatic statement and for daily delight and comfort.
A pleasure to weave; a pleasure to wear.