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Alicia Appleton

Mount Vernon
Booth 203
About this Exhibitor / Bio: 

My fashion career titles have included Technical and Knitwear Designer. I never thought I would be the founder of Amber Poitier, a leather accessories company. I, Alicia Appleton am a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, but left an undesirable corporate environment. It caused some illness, but led me to a healing journey through art.
My paternal grandfather was a farmer, who taught me to respect nature and my maternal grandfather was an architect. The influence of their passion is the foundation of my art. Vegetable Tan leather is the foundation material of my work. I strive to allow us to reimagine stiff cowhide leather that we use for saddles and shoe making, in a beautiful way for women.
Cutouts and splicing can create great shapes in leather. Laser cutting and 3-Dimensional printed stamps are the innovative methods that I have chosen. I also use the century old method of wet molding. My mission is to create a refreshing look at staple leather accessories.