Marian Schoettle

I make clothing out of materials appropriated from industry and the building trades. With hand detailing, paint, stencils, photography, thread and hardware, I attempt to re-imagine a contemporary folk wear out of post industrial surplus.

Ping Wu

An Italian/French trained fashion designer with doctoral degree in Physical Rehabilitation graduated from the top fashion design school --Istituto Marangoni, Milan, in Italy. She interned with Luisa Beccaria in Milan and with BLESS in Paris. She has been invited by its French salon directors to Premiere Classe in Paris, France in Sep 2007 & Jan 2013. In 2009, she was a semi-finalist in Ecco Domani National Design Competition, the only Chinese contestant for the American TV show Project Runway season 7, and QVC chosen vendor in 2013.

Chris Triola

My fabrics are the outward expression of a very rich, earthbound creative process. Originally a painter, I intuitively see extraordinary design potential in ordinary natural objects and translate that into beautiful cotton cloth. Working from preliminary sketches, fabric designs are completed on the computer and knit in studio using sophisticated equipment. Garment designs are developed with simplicity in mind, allowing primary emphasis to be on the fabrics. Rich, colors, textures and graphics are combined for ultimate wearability.

Lori Ross

I am immersion dying and painting silk fabric using wood blocks, stamps and brush work. I combine these fabrics to balance texture, color and pattern in each piece. I then cut and sew the silk into garments.

K. Riley

This botanical and insect inspired collection is linoleum block printed.  I design, illustrate and painstakingly hand-carve each linoleum block.  Garment sections are printed before construction.  I layer prints and colors to get the desired effect, carefully considering all the garment design details before printing.

Lynn Reintsema

Our wearables begin with the careful selection of beautiful natural fibers including silk, linen, wools & cashmeres. We manipulate, hand dye, piece and sew to make unique textures and surface designs. We then use these elements in our own designs of vests, jackets, dresses, scarves, etc. Our clothing expresses an architectural yet classic and elegant style of clothing. All of our collection is made by us.

Heidi Paul

I am a textile artist who deconstructs and modernizes reclaimed cashmere garments. I rework each piece via addition and subtraction, reversing, stitching, shibori dyeing, piecing, felting, and silk screening. Each piece is a puzzle resulting in an original, contemporary, one of a kind wearable. To be part of the ethical fashion movement is very exciting, important and gratifying.

Patricia Palson

This year I am exploring texture and transparency in a neutral palette, weaving tufted silk, fulled open work, and bold graphic handwoven designs. I am interested in the quiet energy that comes from new textile structures and sculptural forms. These visual elements must be balanced with tactile considerations; to yield fabrics that feel good on the skin.

Mary Lou Ozbolt-Storer

Colour, texture and line seduce me in my artwork.  I create all of my coats and jackets, both artistically and technically.  Constructed of 100% Merino wool, coated linen plus other various fabrics, each piece is freehand manipulated embroidery, no commercial embroidery machines are used. Hand cut applique, pieced,  embellished to create a variety of surface treatments. Each individual piece is continuously trimmed to insure a perfect pattern for the final construction.

Susan Otterson

Hand crafted knitwear and clothing using plating knitting with merino wool, silks and viscose.


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