Sophie Truong

I'm a mixed media artist and a maker of things. I started working with leather in 2011 and now focus primarily on designing and making leather bags and accessories.

I make all my products one by one in my Boston studio, using the highest  quality materials. My goal is to create products that are timeless, functional and beautiful.

Karen Morris

I love making hats; from simple fedoras to a sculptural headpieces.  I was inspired by recent Alexander McQueen exhibition in London.  Color, materials and craftsmanship strived me to do lots of experiments in my new hat collection. I chose Black and red colors as the main them color because I think the combination of these two colors gives the hat a mystic feeling with elegance touch. My work is handcrafted with high quality materials. My favorite fabrics are silk dupioni, silk organza and lace.

Audrey Jung

Form, function, and simplicity.

I believe size, shape and proportion all matter. Everyday objects should be intuitive and easy to use. Details, workmanship and quality materials are essential. These well designed and well made objects can add beauty and pleasure to our lives.

The AudreyModern collection is guided by these beliefs and every piece aims to embody these qualities. 

I am a native San Franciscan and am passionate about anything handmade. Some of my favorite things include: biking around my home city and walking my corgi in Golden Gate Park.

Jean Hicks

My felt hats are created from hand felted fibers: merino, cashmere, alpaca and silk and are finished with gros grain ribbon using traditional millinery techniques.  all hats are made for daily wear and will protect the wearer from heavy weather.

Molly Grant

We create custom handmade all leather shoes.  Using the finest materials, hand sewing and leather uppers and soles, Cordwainer Shoes are classic and distinctive styles for men and women.

Pong Gaddi

In my crafts, I infuse my knowledge of engineering in an inexact science like leather to create simple but very user-friendly and functional designs which are made to last a long time.

SJ Brown

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